Datarella and deltaDAO Announce Partnership Enabling the Monetization of Data

deltaDAO Team
3 min readAug 22, 2022

Datarella GmbH, a Web3 company builder, is joining forces with deltaDAO AG, a Web3 engineering and integration company, to expand the open data economy in the mobility and identity sectors. Both companies leverage their extensive experience creating Web3 solutions for real-world use cases. The partners aim to allow corporate and individual users to monetize data while preserving their privacy. The first project is inspired by the partners’ collaboration in moveID, a Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility project. It will allow the monetization of mobility service provider data.

Datarella and deltaDAO will use their enterprise Web3 tools and consumer apps to jointly build solutions for monetizing data featuring Fetch.AI and Ocean Protocol technologies. This combined tech stack serves as the foundational underlying protocol for digital business transformation with converging technologies, s.a. AI and autonomous machines. Given the natural synergies between Datarella and deltaDAO, this cooperation will drive enterprise adoption across the partners’ client bases.

For Datarella, the purpose of technology is to increase the quality of living, by supporting human beings in professional activities and private lifestyles. The growing complexity and diversity of our ecosystem requires technological infrastructures that facilitate collaboration and cooperation. By creating Web3 solutions for a global user base, Datarella illustrates the real-world benefits of its Web3 technology stack, and with deltaDAO, we will show how individual and professional users can turn the table and monetize their data, instead of “being the product”.

Michael Reuter, CEO of Datarella

deltaDAO has become a trusted advisor building sovereign, privacy-preserving and secure data economy solutions. We seek to give freedom of choice and control back to data owners. As a DAO, we create a new kind of data economy owned by no one — and open to everyone.

Our partnership with Datarella will lead to many impactful real-world use cases and is a great example of how two companies can leverage each other’s strengths and experience to create real-world solutions for both individual and professional users alike. We are excited about building towards a decentralized data economy together with Datarella!

Frederic Schwill, Co–Founder of deltaDAO

About Datarella

Datarella GmbH is a Web3 company builder. Leveraging its technology stack of Blockchains, Self-Sovereign Identity SSI, Autonomous Agents, and Artificial Intelligence AI, as the tech hub for Web3 projects and companies like MOBIX, MOBIX family, IMMOBIX, or NOMIX, Datarella creates applications with real-world benefits. The Munich-based company was founded in 2013. With its decentralized teams in Munich, Gdansk (Poland), and Skopje (North Macedonia), Datarella develops bespoke Web3 innovations for their partners and clients, s.a. United Nations, World Food Programme, UKAid, ESA, Siemens, BMW, BOSCH, and Airbus.

About deltaDAO

deltaDAO AG is a software development, integration and consulting company based in Hamburg, Germany. Its focus is to enable a transparent, secure, and decentralized data economy in which enterprises, SMEs and public institutions can keep full technical control over their private data. As specialists for distributed ledger technologies (DLT) we are engaged in Gaia-X and built the first Minimal Viable Gaia-X ( in 2021, based on open-source software and Web3 technology.