deltaDAO — Building towards a decentralized data economy.

We want to build a new European data economy with Ocean Protocol. Open source, decentralized, GDPR compliant, and following European values. We want to bring Ocean Protocol to European enterprises, research institutions and non-profit organizations. Ocean Protocol is a blockchain-based ecosystem that enables businesses to unlock the value of their data and monetize it using data tokens. Ocean Protocol allows publishers to monetize their data while maintaining privacy and control.

Enabling GDPR-compliant data monetization at scale

We are in a time in which digitalization is advancing more rapidly than ever before. Companies in Europe have to reevaluate their business processes and switch to digital models in a short time.

The central question for companies in Europe. How can a company commercialize its data?

deltaDAO meets this challenge and advises companies in Europe on how to monetize their data following European values. deltaDAO is the first Ocean Protocol engineering, integration and consulting company, founded, built, led, operated and owned by Ocean Protocol community experts.

We need a strong network

Cooperation with institutions such as Gaia-X is important to demonstrate the potential of today’s data economy solutions to society, enterprises and institutions.

Gaia-X aims to be a decentralized, secure, transparent digital ecosystem for the European data economy. Digital services and data can be shared easily and securely by any public or private institution without sacrificing data protection, privacy and European values. As data has the potential to become the single most valuable asset of our time, Gaia-X will significantly contribute to the economic welfare of all Europeans in the coming decades.

We know: “A future with open source software, security, privacy-compliant applications and AI in line with European Union values is possible.” Kai, Business Lead deltaDAO

At the first Gaia-X hackathon in August, we could already demonstrate a minimal federated data infrastructure for all European citizens, SMEs, companies, research organizations and public institutions using Compute-to-Data.

At the hackathon, we launched the Minimal Viable Gaia-X demonstrator, which Ocean Protocol runs.

A tutorial was developed to make the demonstrator accessible to a broad audience, guiding them through the individual steps. Understanding the concept of a distributed ledger and smart contracts is essential to fully understand the value that Gaia-X powered by Ocean Protocol can provide.

We have a shared vision that we pursue

Our vision is to unite privacy-preserving technology, data economy pioneers and Web3 enthusiasts with diverse skill sets in a company that covers the full Ocean Protocol stack and expertise needed to offer professional enterprise integrations.

“We are committed to contribute a fair share of our resources to beneficial projects that help tackle important problems in society, science, research, education, medicine, and similar.“ Frederic, Founder deltaDAO

Data are undiscovered treasures

The volume of data produced worldwide is growing very fast, from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to a projected 175 zettabytes in 2025.

Experts recommend harnessing the potential of stored data, and by 2030, the share of data stored and processed in the EU and the EU’s share of the data economy should be at least equal to its economic weight.

In 2018, the EU’s share of the global economy was around 16%. According to some estimates, data stored in the EU could account for up to 25% in the coming years.

The future of data markets is embedded in the European Digital Single Market and the Gaia-X initiative, providing a common European infrastructure for data services. The challenge is to leverage the enormous potential of data without compromising European values, such as privacy of personal information, openness, inclusiveness, transparency and cooperation based on trust in common values. To ensure this, we need to engage, cooperate and come up with practical solutions that help us achieve these goals for a better future and a new data economy for everyone.

A common way

As the studies show, companies in Europe lack expertise and concrete use cases on how distributed ledger technology such as Ocean Protocol can be applied in their fields. To address this, we have published a use case library for individual business areas, which can be used as a pitch deck library for outreach, awareness and early onboarding into the Ocean ecosystem.

Published Use Cases on GitHub

“Data monetization holds massive potential for companies of all sizes. We are empowering businesses to reach their ambitious goals by ensuring that data is handled GDPR-compliant and in alignment with European values.” Moritz, Full-Stack Developer deltaDAO

In the deltaDAO team, we combine software and web3 development expertise, IT infrastructure and operations, GDPR compliance, IT risk management, artificial intelligence and machine learning and legal in one company. We utilize our diverse skillset to offer professional enterprise integrations.

  • Frederic Schwill / Tech Lead
  • Moritz Kirstein / Full Stack Developer
  • Kai Meinke / Business Lead
  • Jeannine Meyer / Project and Marketing Manager
  • Albert Peci / Web3 Strategy Lead
  • Meike Molitor /Risk und Compliance Manager
  • Alexander Eger / IT Security Engineer
  • Tobias Manthey / AI/ML Expert Manager

deltaDAO designs, develops and integrates professional enterprise solutions, such as:

With a strong commitment to open source and the Ocean community, our goal is to create the most sustainable, user-oriented and robust solutions in the Ocean ecosystem.

Why delta”DAO”?

Organizations structure and coordinate people, resources, and information based on specialization to achieve a goal. A DAO is an organization form expressed as software. Its purpose is to facilitate coordination via collective ownership. It services pre-defined goals, and groups use it to reduce coordination failure.

deltaDAO and its members are driven by ideals and self-defined values. Therefore, we were looking for a sustainable structure to govern and guide our actions. A set of rules implemented in smart contracts paired with the articles of association establishes active governance. These rules are defined in a democratic process by its members. And a DAO is born.

“Our actions are inspired by the shared ideals of our members. We use a DAO as a governance method to establish a company that is driven by its members.” Albert Peci, Web3 Strategy Lead, deltaDAO

We live the Web3 spirit

We are web3 natives and believe that many companies will be structured as DAOs in the future. All contributors can become DAO shareholders, meaning participating in a fair, inclusive, and flat, voting-based organizational structure.

If you are looking for a way to integrate the Ocean Protocol stack into your data-driven business or non-profit organization, please do not hesitate to reach out! We will guide and assist you through every step along the way.

About deltaDAO

deltaDAO AG, located in Hamburg, is the first Ocean Protocol engineering, integration and consulting company, by Ocean Protocol community members. We are working closely with BigchainDB GmbH and the Ocean Protocol Foundation to achieve our common mission to kickstart a European Data Economy. We are a Gaia-X member active in several working groups and initiatives. deltaDAO is a co-organizer of the Gaia-X Hackathon, responsible for the “Compute-to-Data & Distributed Ledger Technology” track where we, as Web 3.0 specialists and integrators, build towards a Minimal Viable Gaia-X with the other Gaia-X community members.

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deltaDAO Team

deltaDAO Team

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