Gaia-X Association moves into the adoption phase — accelerating the Gaia-X SW framework development through OSS Project and a SW Lab

deltaDAO Team
3 min readMar 7, 2022
The Gaia-X Lab prototypes, validates and kick-starts open-source software projects to develop the core elements of Gaia-X.

Brussels, Belgium — 7 March 2022- Gaia-X Association moves into the ‘Adoption’ phase in 2022. A restructuring of the internal working groups, in line with the tight and challenging software development plan of deliverables, alongside the constitution of an internal software Lab are some of the measures put in place, beginning this year.

Through the Gaia-X Lab, the Gaia-X requirements documented by the working groups will start their validation process to support and trigger a continuous feedback cycle, from the specification of needs to the implementation of the technical components of the Gaia-X Software Framework.

The Gaia-X Lab prototypes, validates and kick-starts open-source software projects to develop the core elements of Gaia-X, with an initial focus on developing the components necessary to qualify the Gaia-X compliance of services.

The Gaia-X Lab starts as an agile team of a few selected specialists in developing solutions based on decentralised systems, distributed consensus, Compute-to-Data, and other technical paradigms at the core of the Gaia-X innovative architecture.

Members like deltaDAO AG, already active in these technologies, have made their skills available to help building the initial core of this team that will work in a transparent and open way, and making it possible to create open-source projects where all members can contribute and learn through their software development teams in the spirit and model of open-source communities.

Through the Gaia-X Lab, run under the leadership of Gaia-X CTO Pierre Gronlier, requirements defined by the Policy & Rules Committee, the Data Space Business Committee, and the Technical Committee, will start to be validated against technical feasibility. The Lab in turn helps to create the shift to the development phase of Gaia-X, thus enabling the realisation of Gaia-X services in the market through the so-called Gaia-X Lighthouse Projects run by member’s organisations. The progress of the Lab will be communicated within the community and the deliverables will constitute assets owned by the Association and shared with all the members.

Pierre Gronlier, CTO of Gaia-X highlights that “the Lab will help us accelerate our work to release working software in an innovative, practicable and viable way — this is the only way to move forward from this point on”.

Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO Gaia-X states “The Gaia-X Lab is a necessary piece of the jigsaw that we missed, given Gaia-X is not only an association of representatives from the market, but also and most importantly, a challenging project to develop an unprecedented software layer of trust and interoperability”.

Kai Meinke, Member of the Board of deltaDAO AG confirmed that “As Gaia-X community, it is our common goal to make Gaia-X come true, sharing our joint effort and our competences for the common good. It is our privilege to support the Gaia-X Lab kickstart to make Gaia-X a reality in 2022.

About deltaDAO AG:

deltaDAO’s mission is to kickstart the European data economy, providing decentralized, privacy-preserving and self-sovereign data economy solutions. Located in Hamburg (Germany), deltaDAO AG is a Web 3.0 engineering, integration, and consulting company. As Gaia-X member and active contributor in several Gaia-X initiatives, deltaDAO AG is a co-organiser of the Gaia-X Hackathons and created the first Minimal Viable Gaia-X (MVG) Demonstrator powered by Ocean Protocol. The MVG Demonstrator is a Web 3.0 interpretation of the Gaia-X Federation Services and Registry, giving a first impression of a decentralized data economy, owned by no one and open to everyone.

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Contact Person(s): Kai Meinke, Member of the Board & Frederic Schwill, Member of the Board
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