Gaia-X Hackathon #3: Service portability with the VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Federation of interoperable autonomous Gaia-X ecosystems

  • The transaction layer based on DLT. It features the Federated Catalogue and the Data Contract Service (DCS) based on Smart Contracts, the Data Exchange Logging Service (DELS), an immutable data audit trail, and the foundation of the Identity & Trust components.
  • The middleware layer manages communication between the components, efficient provision of (cached) data and computation via Oceans Compute-to-Data.
  • The application layer hosts Gaia-X Portals and tools to interact with data, identity and trust services.

Service portability & composability

VMware Cross-Cloud™ Services to build, run and secure applications across any cloud

Outlook: Towards a Minimal Gaia-X Federation powered by Ocean Protocol and VMware

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data economy solutions — GDPR compliant

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deltaDAO Team

deltaDAO Team

data economy solutions — GDPR compliant

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