Gaia-X Hackathon #3: Service portability with the VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Federation of interoperable autonomous Gaia-X ecosystems

Think of the MVG as a fully decentralized ecosystem and a Minimal Gaia-X ecosystem, embedded into the larger Gaia-X federation of ecosystems that share the same trust framework.

  • The middleware layer manages communication between the components, efficient provision of (cached) data and computation via Oceans Compute-to-Data.
  • The application layer hosts Gaia-X Portals and tools to interact with data, identity and trust services.

Service portability & composability

While decentralization from the very beginning was one of our major design objectives, a truly federated data economy can only emerge if we adhere to the principles of portability, composability, reversibility and cloud neutrality. Independence is important to prevent lock-in effects. Hence, an abstraction layer is needed to allow for service mobility across cloud service providers and infrastructure in an efficient manner.

VMware Cross-Cloud™ Services to build, run and secure applications across any cloud

Being world leader in virtualization and multi-cloud cloud technology, VMware has the technology and experience to provide such an abstraction layer. VMware enables interoperability and portability of data and workloads across multiple (hybrid) clouds and on-premises environments.

Outlook: Towards a Minimal Gaia-X Federation powered by Ocean Protocol and VMware

The vision of Gaia-X has great impact on European cloud providers, who are essential to the transport, security and access to data. There is huge opportunity for smaller cloud providers to combine their services in a more federated way.

About deltaDAO

deltaDAO AG envisions to unlock the full value of data for businesses while preserving data sovereignty, privacy and custody. We provide GDPR-compliant data economy solutions, allowing businesses to consume and offer data services in the Gaia-X network, while remaining in control of their IP and sensitive data, thus meeting GDPR requirements.



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