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foreverontheblockchain is a software-as-a-service company that connects traditional fashion and jewelry industries to the crypto space. They provide features like immutability, proof of existence, and novel ways to communicate to the Metaverse utilizing NFTs.

Premium user data

As most startups try new kinds of products, they also gather valuable insights from their users. So, while a product might fail and a startup might pivot to a new product, these insights also benefit other startups or enterprises that want to learn from these mistakes. Traditionally, startups could not monetize these insights without introducing management and tech overhead or violating privacy regulations. Compute-To-Data on Ocean Protocol offers a solution to this problem and allows the creation of business analytics and selling the result without revealing any private user data.


Businesses and organizations generate large amounts of valuable private data, including personal data such as customer data and valuable business data such as manufacturing, research, and development data. However, this valuable private data remains unexchanged because of concerns about losing control of the data once it is shared and privacy concerns. In traditional centralized data sharing models, data sets containing personal data get anonymized before monetizing it to protect the data subjects, which is complex, time-consuming, and costly. These concerns, efforts, and initial costs discourage or even prevent businesses, especially SMEs and startups, from monetizing their data.

Monetize private data with Compute-to-Data

Compute-to-Data (CtD) allows for privacy-preserving data-sharing, remote computation and data monetization and is a core feature and strong advantage of Ocean Protocol. CtD keeps the data on-premises and allows data consumers to run remote compute jobs on the data. Data owners keep full control as the data never leaves their premises and is only ever accessed by algorithms.

Key privacy takeaways for monetizing your data

Businesses that want to share and monetize their data while keeping the data private can consider the following privacy takeaways.

  • Trusted algorithms: the data must only be accessible to audited and trusted algorithms.

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deltaDAO AG, located in Hamburg, is the first Ocean Protocol engineering, integration and consulting company, by Ocean Protocol community members. We are working closely with BigchainDB GmbH and the Ocean Protocol Foundation to achieve our common mission to kickstart a European Data Economy. We are a Gaia-X member active in several working groups and initiatives. deltaDAO is a co-organizer of the Gaia-X Hackathon, responsible for the “Compute-to-Data & Distributed Ledger Technology” track where we, as Web 3.0 specialists and integrators, build towards a Minimal Viable Gaia-X with the other Gaia-X community members.

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